Managing Director

Captain Rosemary David Katani

Welcome to SUMAJKT Cleaning & Fumigation Company Ltd

A company dedicated to providing providing superior commercial and residential cleaning services, with efficient and quality cleaning services, high standards of care and attention.

Our Company

We envisage being a leading service provider focusing on providing tailor-made, quality and affordable cleaning, fumigation, waste management, landscaping and gardening solutions to our targeted customers.
Jifunze Zaidi

Why Work With Us?

Quality Service

We always deliver the highest standards of cleaning, fumigation, waste management, landscaping and gardening solutions.


We are always ready to adapt to the challenging schedules of our customers.

Healthy and Safety:

We are 100% compliant to OSHA requirements and other international standards at all times whether at the office or customers’ sites.

Modern Technology

Our use of modern equipment for cleaning, fumigation, waste management, landscaping and gardening enables us to deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Eco-friendly Approach

Our persistent use of eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment ensures that our customers and all the places we work in are always protected.

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee total satisfaction with our professionally managed services.  Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our top priority.

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