Huduma Zetu

Cleaning Services

SUMAJKT Cleaning and Fumigation Company Limited has built itself a reputation of providing superior commercial and residential cleaning services, dedicated to providing clients with efficient and quality cleaning services with high standards of care and attention.

We offer an extensive range of cleaning services which can be tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Fumigation & Pest Control

SUMAJKT Cleaning and Fumigation Company Limited offers guaranteed fumigation and pest control solutions to types of customers nationwide. The most effective method used for controlling pests is fumigation.

Our fumigation and pest control services are highly effective in exterminating and getting rid of rodents, mosquitos, bedbugs, termites and ants, among others in homes, offices and schools. We are the exceptional choice for our customers in need of fumigation and pest control services.

Waste Management Services

Whether it's company or residential  waste, we have the equipment to take it off your hands. We offer collection services to a wide range of commercial and residential clients that make it easy for our customers to discard and recycle non-hazardous waste

Landscaping and Gardening Services

SUMAJKT Cleaning and Fumigation Company Limited has a qualified and well-established team for all of your garden and landscaping, maintenance needs for both commercial and residential properties. We have employed a specialized team of landscape architects, horticulturists, irrigation engineers, and skilled workers, aimed towards creating exceptionally designed and built gardens.
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